Online Coaching med Bianca Quiles

Online Coaching med Bianca Quiles

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Fire uker oppfølgning med Bianca Quiles 

Du får et skreddersydd trenings- og kostholdsprogram, basert på dine mål, ønsker og forutsettinger. Oppfølging via mail, telefon eller skype, hver uke.

I have worked as an online coach for approximately five years and I have been training more than 150 people during these years. I am now a coach specialist in vegetarian diet and mobility/flexibility training, powerlifting, strength training and condition. I´m also specialized in correction of impairment movement and posture deviation.

Either you are a vegan or not my goal is to help you stay physical and mentally healthy during your fitness journey. If you want to do a transition for a plant-based diet I am the right person to help you build muscles and lose weight.

The focus of my online coaching is to heal and strengthen the foundation. A physique must be built upon a strong foundation to hold. When the joints and tendons get strengthened and the muscles are trained correctly, they grow beautifully. A healthy diet and active lifestyle give us energy, boosts our metabolism and melts excess fat away, so all the work will eventually show.